What Will You Do In Grand Cayman?

There are many different vacation destinations that you could visit but one that is quite popular is heading to the Caribbean and making a stop at Grand Cayman. For some people, it is a matter of taking an entire week or perhaps longer to fly into the island and enjoy all that has to offer. For others, it is more a matter of stopping by on a cruise and certainly, there are things you can do on Grand Cayman if you’re only there for a day. The problem is, those who are only there for day quickly realize that there is so much to do on Grand Cayman, they wish they could stay longer.

If you only have a very limited amount of time to spend on the island, you will probably want to hit one of the highlights. These are going to be included in the top few suggestions that we make for things to do in Grand Cayman. If you are able to stay for a little while longer, you will probably want to explore more of what the island makes available. Some of the options are going to be perfect for a day trip and others may only take up a few hours of your time. In either case, it is a unique vacation opportunity and one that you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

The following are some of the top options for a trip to Grand Cayman:

Stingray City �” This is perhaps the quintessential vacation option for those who are visiting Grand Cayman, especially for the first time.  There are lots of trips you can go on. The thing about visiting Stingray City, however, is the fact that it will attract you back, time and time again. It is located near Grand Cayman and it is actually a series of small sandbars that you get to by boat. Once you are there, you quickly find out why it is such a popular vacation destination. Stingray City is home to hundreds, if not thousands of stingrays and you can interact with them in rather unique ways.

Some people who visit Stingray City are just going to hop out of the boat onto the sandbar and feed the stingrays some pieces of squid. There are so many other things that you may enjoy doing in the area and it certainly is a vacation destination unlike any other. Snorkeling is a popular option but you can also try scuba diving in the nearby area or going for a swim in the crystal blue, Caribbean waters. If you aren’t a big fan of being in the water, you can just stay on the boat, have a drink and smile at what a nice time you’re having.

Catamaran �” There is nothing quite like hopping on a catamaran and heading out into the Caribbean to truly define what is best about a Grand Cayman vacation. There are many different catamarans to choose from and they come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. There also different options as far as the destination of the catamaran and what you may be able to enjoy when you are on the trip.

This is perhaps one of the most popular excursions for those who are visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise. It is funny how people get off of a big boat and jump onto a small boat and have the time of their life. Sometimes, these catamaran excursions will offer lunch and some swimming or snorkeling at a nearby beach. They may also offer some rum drinks, dancing and fun on the way back in the evening as well.

Go Underwater �” Most people who visit Grand Cayman are going to enjoy it from above the water or at the most, they will see under the water through a snorkel mask If you’re ready to take this to the next level, you can hop on a small submarine and go under the Caribbean Sea to enjoy all that it has to offer.

There is something special about enjoying the undersea world from a submarine. It gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful sea life that is often hidden from view. Sometimes, you may even get a surprise and see a shark or something else that will get your blood pumping. This is a perfectly safe way to enjoy being under the water, and it is a great family activity.

7 Mile Beach �” Of Course, most people are going to want to enjoy the beach if they take the time to go to a Caribbean paradise. When you’re in Grand Cayman, you will find that the beaches are full of beauty and it is great to stand in the white sand, digging your toes in and looking out over the crystal blue, Caribbean waters. They just seem to stretch into infinity. You can also take private charters in Grand Cayman. This is a luxury experience One beach that you certainly will not want to mix is the 7 mile Beach. Most people consider it to be the most beautiful beach in the world.

This beach stretches from Long Bay to Georgetown and you will be amazed with what it has to offer, regardless of whether you’re there with your family or on a romantic getaway. The white sand of this beach just seems to be ideal and the blue waters stretch out in a shallow bench that let you get far from the sand in order to enjoy the Caribbean to the greatest extent possible. It’s perfect for laying out in the sun, doing some snorkeling or perhaps even getting adventurous and trying some parasailing.

Turtle Farm �” Most people who visit Grand Cayman are going to do most of their activities surrounding the water. In reality, there are also some excellent things to do on land as well. This includes the turtle farm, which is visited by some 500,000 people on an annual basis. It is the number one attraction on land if you are visiting Grand Cayman.

The turtle farm gives you the opportunity to visit with turtles that have been rescued from local waters. You even get to interact with them and sometimes, they let you pick one up for an awesome vacation photo. The turtle farm is a great choice, regardless of whether you are stopping by on a cruise ship or if you are kicking up your feet and staying for a while.

Although it seems like we have covered many different options for things to do in Grand Cayman, we really have only just scratched the surface. When you actually visit the island, you will find that there are so many different things to do, you will want to visit again to try to do them all.

Best Beaches In The Cayman Islands To Visit

The Cayman Islands is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, just south of Cuba. It is a total of three islands, including the very popular Grand Cayman Islands, as well as Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. If you have never been there before, it is definitely a treat for people of all ages. There are many outstanding tourist attractions that you will always remember. You will also appreciate the incredible beaches that are at the Cayman Islands. Here is a quick overview of this region of the world, and some of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands that you need to visit.

Activities You Can Do At The Cayman Islands

The positioning of these islands at just over 19 degrees latitude north makes this a place that is warm throughout most of the year. Similar to the weather that you will experience in the Hawaiian Islands due to the similar latitude, many of the activities are out in the water. You can go into Stingray City, a location where you can see friendly stingrays that are in this region because it is a location where fishermen eventually dumped the remains of fish years ago, conditioning the stingray to come to this location. You can also see an underwater shipwreck called Kittiwake, and also dive into Bioluminescence Bay and get to experience the dark waters right after dusk becoming blue as your body interacts with bioluminescent organisms. However, if you would prefer doing something on land, you will be attracted to the many different beaches that are on these islands. Here are a few of the ones that you should consider visiting due to their popularity.

Best Beaches On The Cayman Islands

Rum Point

Located a short distance from George Town, the capital city of all of the Cayman Islands, you can visit Rum Point. Not only will you get access to some of the best alcoholic beverages on the island, but the beach is absolutely fantastic. There are plenty of places to sit in the shade, and you can use all of the beach chairs for free. They have great showers and bathroom facilities, and the beach itself is close to many other activities that you can do including native Way Water Sports and Cayman Kayaks.

Smith Cove

This is actually located amidst a residential neighborhood. People that live there often bring their children as it is a wonderful place to teach them how to swim. There are many places for you to lie in the sun, and there are Great Trees that are partially circumventing the beach, providing a nice canopy for those that need shade.

Kaibo Beach

Most well-known for the restaurant and beach bar that is thereby the same name, Kaibo Beach is just south of Rum Point and east of Water Cay on a small peninsula at the northern portion of the island. It is known for not only the great food and drinks that you can get, but the beautiful beach that is there which many people prefer over all of the others. There is one beach that you definitely need to visit, not just because of the beach, but because of the beautiful starfish that are in the water.

Starfish Point

If you go from Kaibo Beach to the end of the peninsula, you will come to Starfish Point. It is one of the more well-known beaches because it is very tranquil, and also as starfish that you can see in the water. The water is so crystal clear, the colorful starfish will be visible, sometimes before you put your head in the water with your snorkeling goggles and mask. It is a beautiful sight to see, one of the most unique on the island, and one that you will probably find to be an even more awesome attraction compared to the beach itself.

Cayman Kai

This beaches on the north coast, and is a popular beach, though it is not as crowded as some of the more popular ones. There are palm trees that line the entire beach, and it offers 6 miles of beachfront area where you can do sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. There is also the Kaibo Beach Bar and Grill which is a popular destination for people that enjoy not only eating, but there are also tennis courts that you can play on.

Sandy Point On Little Cayman

This is located on Little Cayman, the smallest of all of the Cayman Islands. This island has many unique places to visit including Bloody Bay Marine Park, and also another beach called Point O’ Sand. Sandy Point is on the East Coast of the island, and due to the size of the island, you are still not very far away from West End, the primary town where people come to visit. It’s perfect for people that would like to visit this smaller island, yet still have access to a world-class beach.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

This is more than likely the most popular beach in all of the Cayman Islands. It is over 5 miles long. In all of the Caribbean, this is considered by many to be the most beautiful beach that you will see. There are luxury resorts all along the beach, as well as shops and restaurants. You can participate in kayaking, snorkeling, and even parasailing if you want to. You will see people playing volleyball on the beach, or simply getting a tan. It is the best beach in the Cayman Islands, located on the west portion of the island right above George Town.

If you have never been to the Cayman Islands before, these are some of the top beaches you can visit. It is a beautiful destination with incredible views and activities that you can do. If you decide to stay for a week, you might want to stay longer, and the beaches will definitely be at the top of your list for why you want to return to the Cayman Islands.

The Location And Climate Of The Cayman Islands

Whether it’s in reference to a bank account, a vacation, or the secret base of a supervillain, the Cayman Islands are synonymous with wealth and flamboyance. If you’re wealthy enough to be connected with the Cayman Islands, then you’re wealthy enough to live in luxury. Everyone knows that.

Not as many people know where the Cayman Islands actually are. Nor do they know that it’s fairly easy to book a Cayman Island vacation if you’re willing to shop around a bit.

Where Are The Cayman Islands?

In simple terms, the Cayman Islands are located to the south of Cuba. It’s one of the several tropical islands that occupy that area. It’s referred to as the Western Caribean Zone, for those who appreciate geography.

Of course, when people ask “where are the Caymans”, they’re usually asking “why would I want to take a vacation in the Cayman Islands?” This is a much different question and deserves a much more specific answer. Because the Cayman Islands really are a gorgeous tropical paradise. How gorgeous? And how tropical is tropical?

Well, the Cayman Islands are in the same area of the world as Jamacia, as well as Costa Rica. Both of these places are well known tropical paradises.However, there are some downsides to vacations in this part of the world.

Things To Consider For A Cayman Island Vacation

Because of its geographical location, the Cayman Islands have a wet/dry tropical climate. This means they have a wet season. And their wet season is incredibly wet. It rains on average around 56.2 inches per year, which is a mind-boggling amount.

So if you want to avoid the rains, you’ll need to avoid the wet season. That starts in the month of May and doesn’t end until October. That may sound like you’d miss all of the best vacation days, but that is not the case!

Because of the climate of the Cayman Islands, there’s almost no change in overall temperature throughout the year. The only difference is whether there’s heavy rainfall or not. When you consider that flights are cheaper during months like January and February, that makes the winter the perfect time to head out to a tropical paradise!

The plain and simple truth is that the Cayman Islands are so much more than just another set of tropical islands. They have a rich geography all their own. But that rich geography certainly makes it a fantastic vacation spot!